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Spirit Guide (Inspired drawing)
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Spirit Guides

Spiritual Kinship with animals has been part of the human experience from time immemorial. Cave drawings, stories and cultural rituals show us that animals are as integrated with the spirit world as we are. Understanding the special connection between animals and humans at a deeper level can bring spontaneity into our daily lives.

Shamans believe that they can shapeshift into an animal, thereby gaining deeper insight of their spirit guides. The word “Spirit” comes from the Latin word Spiritus meaning “Breath”.  This non-physical or metaphysical connection is made in the space beyond the sensual.

My passion as an artist is to explore creative connection to the spirit world that gives expression to the unseen and unknown known.

To commission a Spirit Art Drawing see bellow and click on shop.

Once I have received your order I fully commit to the creative process that takes place between You, Me and the Spirit World.

Please allow for this time to gently unfold.

Due to the nature of the process it is not possible to provide a completion date in advance.

I ask that you allow up to a maximum of one month for completion.

(However  the drawing is usually completed and dispatched within one week)

For my part I will keep you informed of progress.

When you have made payment you can use the contact page on this website to inform me of any further thoughts or wishes you may have in relation to the commission.

The most common request I receive are for Spirit Guides,

(Human or Animal or both) 

I often suggest that we allow Spirit to dictate elements of the process, which almost invariably has led to profound experiences.

Once the drawing is received, please allow time for the connection to be deeply felt.

I have heard many stories from Clients who have contacted me, some immediately and yet some contact me many months after receiving drawings explaining that the significance of a message had only just been made clear to them.

Included in the price is an audio message, where i speak of how the process unfolded, inspired always by spirit. 

Drawing are made using Charcoal and will be on paper.

Paper size approximately 23x29 inches or 59x74 centimeters

Note I like to hang spirit art in the gallery on this website if you do not wish for your spirit drawing to be in the gallery let me know.

To Commission a Spirit Art drawing Please visit 

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