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"My beautiful friend just got her soul cards up for sale,

they are sooo beautiful.She is one of the most talentented

spirit artists I know"

-Mia Ottosson Medium, Teacher at Arthur Findlay College Stansted UK

* * *

"The cards are so beautiful and very good to work with, individually or with groups. The people loved working with them"

-Minister Bill Thomson Medium, Teacher at Arthur Findlay College UK

* * *

"..I Love the portrait. When you feel that you can hear Art,
then you know it's good"

-Tracey Davie

* * *

"Kates decision to use her power as a healer through the guidance of three black stallions shows very well how she understands the power of how animals can help us. It proves her desire to work through her client's full and natural approach. Her strength and bodily approach proves further her knowledge of the human body and it's need in any growth process. All the best to her in this endeavor.

- Dick McHugh SJ Phd. Teacher NLP

* * *

"We have known Kate for over three years now. In the time she has been here, I have found her to be confident and highly skilled around our horses and has a keen eye for the horse's body language, often recognising underlying problems and health issues. Kate has a level of intuition and understanding most are envious of. She appears to read the horses mind through a communication that no one else can see. She never assumes, and has a beautiful way of letting the horse express himself. We are delighted to have Kate and highly recommend her.." - Jenny, Slieve Aughty Three Towers Ireland.

* * *

" excelled in your program! Having only spent a brief time with you, I consider you a prime candidate for this type of teaching, and that it would be a privalege to work with you and that people will flock to gain an understanding of all that you offer..

- Jody Marken. Liberty Horse Clinics. Trainer/Instructor USEF r Judge 

* * *

" are a profoundly talented individual in tune with 'All' in a way that most are not. You are highly perceptive and extremely creative in a given situation, it was a real pleasure to have you in the class. I wish you all the best .."

-Kathy Pike Teacher Author Founder of 'Coaching with Horses' 

* * *

"It's like one minute you were limping along then suddenly you flew into the air and did a double back hand spring!!! ..i am so very honored to be your mentor, all the thanks go to YOU not me,

with Love Amelia.

-Amelia KinKade renowned animal communicator, Teacher Author 'Whispers from the Wild'

* * *

'Psychic News Magazine'
March 2022 edition, which kindly did a feature on Kate Hayes

* * *

"...I discovered your cards whilst i was at  the Arthur Findlay College UK. We used them in a group session, i had so much fun working with them... so i got a pack straight away from the college shop ..."


* * *

SNU Spiritualist National Union Award
I received in 2019

* * *

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