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Spirit Guide 


(Free shipping)

Once I have received your order I fully commit to the creative process that takes place between You, Me and the Spirit World.
Please allow for this time to gently unfold.
Due to the nature of the process it is not possible to provide a completion date in advance.
I ask that you allow up to a maximum of one month for completion.

(However  the drawing is usually completed and dispatched within one week)

For my part I will keep you informed of progress.

When you have made payment you can use the contact page on this website to inform me of any further thoughts or wishes you may have in relation to the commission.

The most common request I receive are for Spirit Guides,
(Human or Animal/Human) 

I often suggest that we allow Spirit to dictate elements of the process, which almost invariably has led to profound experiences.

I have also on occasion received stories from Clients who have contacted me months after receiving drawings explaining that the significance of a message had only just been made clear to them.

Drawing will be made using Charcoal and will be on paper.

Paper size approximately 23x 29 inches or 50x74 centimeters.

Note I like to place spirit art drawings to the gallery on this website if you do not wish for your spirit drawing to be in the gallery let me know.


Spirit Art  Drawing  €220

SOUL Cards _ 75

FREE Shipping!


SOUL Cards _ €75

Shamanic Rattles & Drums


Shamanic Drums different sizes.    Contact me for more details

Shamanic Rattles – Made From: Reindeer hide,
Rattle Filled with Shell, Seeds, Stones.
Handles are either Ash, Hazel or Antler.
Buffalo Horn.
Feathers either Raven, Crow, Seagull, Blackbird, Sparrowhawk,
Buzzard or Pheasant. 
Fur- can be Rabbit, Fox, or Goat.
Bones sometimes used: Bird, Rabbit, Fox, Sheep.
Beads, bone, wood, Nutmeg, Pecan, or other seeds. 
One of the oldest musical instruments, Healing Rattles can be used at the start of Prayer, Healing, Speech, Meditation or Communion with Spirit. No animals are killed specifically for making KH Rattles. Bones, feathers & fur I often gather from field walks, animals that have died naturally or  roadside kills.
Reindeer skin is from Finland, wild culled herds.  Absence of wolves means a rise in herds, numbers that can have deleterious effects on the ecosystem. Yes the meat does end up in the venison trade but majority of hides are discarded. I greatly Honour   the spirit of the animal when using the skin bone & fur I find.          Ash wood Handles are from our biodiverse haven Agroforest here in the West of Ireland, Sheep wool used for the drum beaters is from “Tessa” a sheep who lives nearby with her flock on a friend’s farm also a biodiverse haven, called Cloontabonnive Agroforest.

Custom-Made, Rattles&Beaters

To Make an order: 
Rattles i make are all similar to the ones in the photos here, however they will differ slightly due to the natural materials i use. Also i cannot promise that specific feathers, horn, antler or bone are always available but i will do my absolute best to design a rattle that will be similar to images here. Please if you wish you can email me first before you click on the payment to ask any questions you may have. I have made many Rattles and beaters over the years, it always brings me great joy, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via the contact page should you have any doubts or concerns about which to choose or what materials will be used for your individual custom made Rattle or Shaman Drum Beater. I look forward to hearing from you. KH

Shamanic Rattle €295(FREE Shipping)

Drum- Beater €130(FREE Shipping)

The drum beater is usually made from Ash Wood and comes with a Stag Antler Amulet bead on Leather Cuff (see Images & video)

Extra Large Cedarwood Smudge Sticks  35 Euro
(includes Postage)

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